Påskrundan, Öppna Sinnen, 2011

15th July 2011 - 0 comments

I påskas var jag för första gången med på den traditionella påskrundan i Skåne. Jag ställde ut på
Galleri IsieTio där jag nu har ställt ut flera gånger tidigare

Photographer of the year at PhotoNatura

10th January 2011 - 0 comments
I had the great fortune to be chosen "Photographer of the Year" in the internal contest at PhotoNatura. Judge for this contest was the excellent photografer Stina Deurell. Best photo wen't to Ulf Malm for an amazing image of Stalings.
Click here to read more and se Ulfs photo of the year.

New Exhibition

05th January 2011 - 0 comments
I will once again be part of an exhibition at Galleri IsieTio, this time it will be for the "Konstrundan" that's a big event for a week at Easter where artist from all over Skåne is showing their art.

I'm now a member of PhotoNatura

31st January 2010 - 0 comments
I am now a proud member of the PhotoNatura community:)

PhotoNatura is a community that has existed since 1988 and was started by Staffan Andersson, Anders Borg, Branch, Terje Hellesø and Ola Olsson. Their ambition is to bring together nature photographers in southern Sweden and jointly help each other to develop in the way we depict nature. The association currently consists of 31 members and has an intake of new members takes place two times per year.

I look forward to many interesting meetings in the future!

For more information please check

Publiced at

17th December 2009 - 0 comments
My image "Skarvar" has been publiced at the webgallery

Photographer against cancer

28th November 2009 - 0 comments
Janne Arleklint, the founder of the swedish nature photography community "NaturfotoForum" started a collection for the defiting of cancer. I think this is a wounderfull inititive and supporting it with monthly sms.

Backups is everything

28th October 2009 - 0 comments
Due to some stupid mistake with my backups, a picture that I was suppose to show with the NaturFotoForum exhibit in Stockholm Photo fair and Vårgård got lost so I couldn't be in it. And even worse one of my personal favorite images will never be anything more than a webimage.

I will show my images

20th October 2009 - 0 comments
This week I will show some of my images at the photo community in Malmö, "FFIM". I will show about 50 images and it will be both landscape and wildlife images.

My image Svarte won a contest

07th September 2009 - 0 comments
My image Svarte won the contest "Coast of Skåne" at the Photographic Society of Malmö.

Skarvar got silver medal in Kamera & Bild

28th May 2009 - 0 comments
When I reed that Serkan Gunes was going to be judge for the monthly contest in the magazine "Kamera & Bild", I just had to send in an image. Thought it could be helpful just to get some feadback from him. And it actually got a silver medal, the image was this.

Article in Fotosidan magazine

28th April 2009 - 0 comments
I was asked to write a short article for the Swedish Magazine "Fotosidan" about the places I goto when I'm out photographing.