Homepages of photographers I like

Charlie Waite
One of Great Britans biggest landscape photographer
Brutus Östling
Swedens bird-photographer no. 1, I do belive I have all of his bokks and strongly recomend them to anyone.
Jan Töve
I really loves his work a aspecially his book "Riverside Viskan".
Wojtek Kwiatkowski
I didn't know that I could enjoy horse-photography so much until I saw Wojteks images.

Photocommunitys where I spend my time

A community for naturephotographer in Sweden, very friendly and has a lot of talented members. Runned by Janne Arleklint.
A big American community.
Great page for inspiration, my image "Cormorants" was actually published here :) link

Books I enjoy

Naturfotografernas bästa(in Swedish)
An old book that I found at a feamarket and paid 20 skr for. You can tell by the picures in it that it ain't new but it's still fantastic with reportage from some of the best in Sweden such as Peter Gerdehag, Claes Grundsten, Tore Hagmanand Janos Jurka just to name a few. No link to this, but it's easy to find on Tradera.
Enchanted Land, Jan-Peter Lahall
Beautiful portrait of the Swedish lanscape, migth be a little hard to find in english the swedish version(Så Skimmrande) is much easier. I bought my copy at a flea-market.
Hannu Hautala, Med kameran i naturen (In Swedish)
Pretty old by now but still fantastic. I found this at a flea-market and I love how it shows that wildlife-photography is so much more than the biggest glas. I think the longest he uses in that book is a 300 mm.

I don't think it's possible to buy new dut I see it from time to time at flea-markets here in Sweden. (The link goes to the Hannu Hautala Nature Photography Centre where you can read more about Hannu)